Hello, i havent made a post for a long time, have been concentrating on video. For this post i have embedded 2 which highlight current state of events in our long bedroom tax fight which should conclude in our last STAND against the bedroom tax in the London Supreme Court in first week of March.

So far the High Court has said , ruled,  that we are discriminated against in the Bedroom Tax fight but that the discrimination is JUSTIFIED “JUSTIFIED” (JUSTIFIED)   and the govts/DWPS/Iain Duncan Smiths assertion that we will get DHP is the reason the BEDROOM TAX can be applied to us.

This whole assertion has now RIGHTLY been contradicted in a further case in the same High Court which has ruled against BEDROOM TAX DISCRIMINATION . I believe the DHP argument has NOW been disproved by events since our last case. Local authorities are short of funds now to continue granting DHPs in bedroom tax cases.

I do hope that the travesty of justice in the MA& ORS case /OUR CASE has been properly OVERTURNED by the time i write any new blogs after the SUPREME COURT CASE that we are involved in in March.