CARMICHAEL MA Bedroom Tax Legal anomally

WE are actually exempt SO FAR from the Bedroom Tax due to lower tribunal ruling B13, as a full time spouse carer on carers allowance and wife gets higher rate PIP. She uses hospital bed.

We been to High Court twice though as part of group MA case. So far the High Court has not welded the particulars of our case into the group judgements which have failed twice. The lower tribunal ruled that we were part of a discrete group who were discriminated against and exempted us on the HUMAN RIGHTS ACT. This is in line more with Rutherford High Court case RECENTLY and PANIC ROOM case which ruled AGAINST POLICY in SAME HIGH COURT.

Fact is  if the BEDROOM TAX discriminated against ANY  DISCRETE group it should NEVER HAVE BEEN IMPLEMENTED in first place and SUPREME COURT in March should throw it ALL out and NOT JUST IGNORE particulars of CARMICHAEL (OUR) case as part of the broad MA group. Lets campaign, support OUR CASE, MA, in supreme court in first week in March—–get tax thrown out altogether, press MPs , celebs, lets go!!!!

I have phoned our council about other financail issues that i do annually  to do with hardship and they have told me that they are short of funds now and that is why i do not think DHPs will be paid to us IF WE NEED THEM THIS YEAR.



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