Hello, i havent made a post for a long time, have been concentrating on video. For this post i have embedded 2 which highlight current state of events in our long bedroom tax fight which should conclude in our last STAND against the bedroom tax in the London Supreme Court in first week of March.

So far the High Court has said , ruled,  that we are discriminated against in the Bedroom Tax fight but that the discrimination is JUSTIFIED “JUSTIFIED” (JUSTIFIED)   and the govts/DWPS/Iain Duncan Smiths assertion that we will get DHP is the reason the BEDROOM TAX can be applied to us.

This whole assertion has now RIGHTLY been contradicted in a further case in the same High Court which has ruled against BEDROOM TAX DISCRIMINATION . I believe the DHP argument has NOW been disproved by events since our last case. Local authorities are short of funds now to continue granting DHPs in bedroom tax cases.

I do hope that the travesty of justice in the MA& ORS case /OUR CASE has been properly OVERTURNED by the time i write any new blogs after the SUPREME COURT CASE that we are involved in in March.



  1. Breaking the Bedroom Tax?? You’re to lazy & stupid to break wind! I hope you deserve to lose. I’ve seen your inane pitiful drivel all over facebook, as well as your pretty dire videos. Christ you really do post some garbage!
    Perhaps instead of scrounging more and more from the Public Purse, you could consider getting off your overweight backside and getting a Job?
    1 bedroom is all you need, just convert the lounge or buy a Sofa Bed. Remember….somebody somewhere is working their nuts off just so you can feed from the plates of others.
    Human rights abuse my b*ckside..there are NO Human Rights that say OTHER PEOPLE should be paying for your shit.
    Oh yea…maybe knock the Foreign Holidays on the head…maybe then you’d have money to pay for your excess Bedroom. does it feel to know that the current Party will now be in power until 2025 now that Labour have picked an unelectable idiot as leader?
    Welcome to the new age of self reliance, & personal responsibility..your free ride is coming to an end.
    Aint you got another pitifully pathetic video to make?


      1. Carers Allowance is payment for work?? You don’t honestly believe that anyone will actually buy that now do you?
        Looking after your Wife is a Job that you need paying for? You really are vile aren’t you?!
        Need to get away to a foreign Country to spread the word about Bedroom Tax? hahahahahaha. I’ve heard it all now. You are so full of it.
        The only injustice is that Taxpayers are still funding your scrounging lifestyle!

        GET A JOB YOU BUM!


    1. What absolutely VILE comments!! I was totally shocked. You are commenting on a situation you know absolutely, no idea about!!
      Have you even thought about the huge amount of money that carers save this government??
      And do you know the paltry sum, that carers get in carers allowance??
      I can’t even call you a human being. You are a poor excuse for one.
      You ARE VILE!!


    2. Your nothing but a piece of human excrement. You and your comments are vile. I would love to know what your job is, and what your family is made up of. And as a Tory voter you should hang your head in shame, another I’m alright jack.


      1. How are my comments vile its you that are calling people excrement ha ha you sound a bit liked your zipped up the back .My family have nothing to do with the likes of you and believe me iv never been an I’m alright jack as I’m always for the under dog as for being a tory voter for 30 years, I saw the light a few months after I helped vote in the biggest lying bastard to no 10.


      2. My reply was for Charlotte Jenkins or Carole J Jeffries (you choose). I thought it would be posted under her post. Sorry for any misunderstanding, I completely oppose the bedroom tax for whatever reason.


    3. You do know that you can be in work and still receive housing benefit so still get hit with the “Bedroom Tax” Do you also know that the majority of those affected have a disabled person (child or adult in it and either cant work for the obvious or are less likely to find well your so up your own Ass bemoaning the “Under Class” get your facts right.


  2. So disgusted at the verbal attacks on somebody’s post on here , who are these vile people that think its ok to try and rip someone to shreds just because they don’t agree with something he says.Lets hope Karma turns around and bites them on the ass to knock them off their Pedestal way up there


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