One of the greatest bedroom tax human rights battles will take hold next year as the govt in the UK attempts to silence all dissent on the bedroom tax as well as destroy human rights that could be used in our case “Jayson Carmichael and Jacq. Charlotte Carmichaels”

A UN report into the Bedroom Tax started by Raquel Robinuk in Summer 2013 says the Bedroom Tax breached human rights, unfortunately for us I believe final report on that isn’t due till after easter 2016, that’s later than ours and the group hearing at highest court in UK in early March. If this court bid is unsuccessful against the tax we may still very well have a individual hearing in another large main court.

I believe the UK govt neglected to read the Human Rights Act properly before the implementation of the bedroom tax and is now trying to sidestep their negligence so no one will notice.

Discretionary help, DHP, that normally helps disabled families, was not paid in the paddling pool case , which is also in Sefton so no guarantee of that can be made. And indeed DHP is not guaranteed in England and Wales and  in coming years will be cut even for vulnerable in bedroom tax situations. We got help with the new council tax reductions in benefits for 2 years, now we have to pay it, same will probably happen in 2016  with DHP if our exemption is overturned in courts.

In April 2014,  we were exempted from the bedroom tax on RegB13(5) of HUMAN RIGHTS ACT, which govt looks like they overlooked when brought in housing benefit reduction in for disabled and their carer partners.who need separate bedrooms. I hold up the decision notice in my video on utube- Jayson Carmichael/Bedroom Tax Compensation For 1000s/Human Rights Act -fo anyone in any doubt, find this video. Jayson Carmichael/Bedroom Tax Compaensation For 1000s/Human Rights Act   AND also check out first video Jayson Carmichaels Bedroom Tax Human Rights War

I have started a blog to be used in that battle for whatever transpires in our fight for justice. If you’ve seen my videos on utube , latest-  Jayson Carmichael/Bedroom Tax  Compensation For 1000s/Human Rights Act – it gives ya an idea on wat our fights about. In my view thousands of disabled in the same circumstances as us but who have been kicked out their homes, been forced to use paddling pools etc should be entitled to compensation if the judiciary in the UK upholds current human rights act.

IDS/Govt  are trying to railroad human rights act abolition thru so that when our case hits tha big court in 2016 our exemption from tax using human rights act will not count.

Also the true cost of all the evictions , rehousing into private property , all tribunal and Upper tribunal appeal costs. etc,  thru the Bed Tax, is somehow being hidden from the public, its costing more to implement than its saving. AND altogether the cases we are involved with are at ginormous cost. Our legal aid alone passing hundred thousand pounds and that’s just small part of it.

We won exemption in lower tribunal in 2014 on strength of human rights act. Wife uses a hospital bed in one room, I as her main carer have to use a second bedroom .

The DWP/IDS  is trying to overturn our victory. Fortunately they are now forced to take their attempt to one or maybe 2 of the highest courts in the country early in 2016.

I believe the media has not fairly covered the national campaign against the bedroom tax adequately enough to force proper debate where ministers are forced to answer the questions so I have reverted to utube and a blog which you now read.

if we lose next year and the legal system turns its back on the human rights act it will be one of the gravest injustices in history

Please support us on Facebook—Jayson and Charlottes Anti Bedroom Tax support group and I am on twitter. .  .You can email me:   if you want to support us in our campaign

Join us on our journey and fightback against this cruel brutal regime. Look forward to your company on that path in coming months. Nothing is impossible, the Bedroom Tax can be beaten, the end of the human rights act can be defended.


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